Discover our core goals that motivate and guide us to excellence.


Technology and Innovation

Our main objective is to re-engineer our activities, investing in modern equipment and technology to keep up with the rapid advancement of the industry. In addition, we aim to become the European market leader in the field of linear mini-technology

Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

We aim to strengthen our reputation in domestic and foreign markets by delivering high quality products and services. Our objective is full customer satisfaction, offering customized solutions and meeting their needs and expectations.

Expansion of Production Capacities

To meet the growing demand and strengthen our market position, we aim to expand our production capacities. By investing in new facilities and technologies, we will be able to increase production volume, delivering the products requested by customers in a timely manner.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

We attach great importance to social responsibility and environmental protection. We are committed to reducing resource consumption and combating pollution by taking care of the environment during the production process. Through responsible practices, IAMU contributes to the creation of a sustainable future.

Health, Safety and Integrated Management

We want to provide a safe and healthy working environment by taking measures to prevent accidents and illnesses at work. We also maintain a certified Integrated Management System, ensuring quality, health and safety in our activities.

Quality Improvement and Complaints Analysis

By using quality improvement methods and techniques, such as FMEA, Kaizen, Quality Mass, we focus on identifying and eliminating non-conformities. The analysis of complaints and the implementation of appropriate corrective measures contribute to ensuring high quality standards.