Quality-Environment-Occupational Health and Safety

We deliver externally over 96% of production in the EU.

We have been delivering products to the German market for over 25 years.

At SC IAMU SA Blaj, an Integrated Management System is implemented, certified, maintained and improved in the areas of Quality-Environmental Protection-Health and Safety at Work in accordance with the reference standards SR EN ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001. The certificates are presented below.

The organization has measuring means for the following fields: lengths, pressures, electrical, thermal, strength and hardness, etc. The following are noteworthy:

  • measuring machines in 3D coordinates - CONTURA G2 - ZEISS and MITUTOYO
  • benches for measuring gauges - TESA
  • profile projectors - MITUTOYO and STARRETT
  • devices for checking the quality of surfaces - MITUTOYO, TESA and TAYLOR HOBSON
  • devices for checking contours and profiles - OPTACOM, CONTUROMATIC
  • device for checking the geometric parameters of the MU
  • devices for measuring lengths, vertically - TESA
  • apparatus for calibrating parallel plane paths - TESA
  • ultrasonic testing machine - KRAUTKRAMER
  • devices for checking hardness
  • universal and workshop microscopes
  • metallographic microscope
  • length measuring machine
  • tensile - compression testing machine
  • devices for checking the thickness of the anodized layer
  • devices for checking remanent magnetism
  • devices for checking small holes (endoscopes)
  • granite tables
  • quality programs: FMEA, Q-DAS, etc.


Chemical laboratory for the analysis of the chemical composition of various solutions, environmental factors, etc.

Laboratory for checking and repairing AMCs in the fields of: lengths, pressures.

Also, for the current checks on the manufacturing flow, in-house devices and checkers are used (gauges, checkers, etc.)