Special Accessories

At IAMU, we are proud of our ability to offer high quality products and customized solutions for each customer. Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with technical support and advice special

Recipes for machine tools

We offer a wide selection of parts for machine tools that help you improve the functionality and performance of your equipment. These benchmarks are designed to ensure high accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing superior results in processing processes. izing in choosing the most suitable accessories for your requirements.

Landmarks for medical equipment

We understand the importance of accuracy and safety in the medical industry. That's why we offer specialized landmarks for medical machines and equipment, ensuring that you have access to reliable and high quality components to keep your operations efficient and in line with high standards in this area.

Landmarks for packaging machines

For the packaging industry, we provide landmarks adapted to packaging machines. They allow you to achieve efficient production and ensure the safety and integrity of your products during the packaging process.

Landmarks for linear technique

We have a wide range of landmarks for linear technique, which helps you make precise and linear movements in your applications. These benchmarks are essential for various industries, such as automation and robotics, making sure your system works optimally.

Landmarks for plastic injection machines

For the plastics processing industry, we offer specialized landmarks for injection machines. They ensure quality and efficiency in the production process, allowing you to make high-precision plastics.

Accessories, verifiers and spare parts on the topic

In addition to specialized landmarks, we also provide you with a wide range of accessories, verifiers and spare parts. They help you maintain and improve the performance of your equipment by providing you with complete maintenance and repair solutions.

Landmarks for macular binding machines

For the macular recycling and processing industry, IAMU offers you landmarks specially designed for macular binding machines. These landmarks help you to achieve efficient and safe binding of the macula, thus helping to optimize your recycling process.